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My First Post

Hi, this is probably my tenth first post. Yes, I had made quite a few blogs in the past, but I did not continue writing on the blogs. I just didn't have any energy to go on.

It's almost always the case I was excited when first setting them up, but then I failed to continue. Most of them were created using Wordpress, set up on some hosting site. I was somewhat pumped up during the set-up stage. Making posts were always the show stopper. The blogs just went dead.

But, I always want to have a blog ... with something that I can write about.

This is the first time I use Wix. No... no... not Wordpress this time. And not hosted platform this time... I am kinda sick of doing the set ups with those platforms. This time with Wix, it's so much easier.

This time it's another try. My objective is simple ... improve writing skills. I am somewhat hopeless in writing. Tried so many times in the past with my dead blogs. And I gave up.

I remember about two years ago, an old high school friend of mine and I were having lunch, standing by the bank of the Thames. He asked me if writing was of interest to me. I was sure I said something along the line: '... no, I don't think I can write. Not that I don't want to, but I don't think I am any good at it. I tried, but I'm not good at it.' So he looked at me with a smile. A friendly smile. A smile with a hope that maybe I should try again. But he left it at that, because probably he thought I meant what I said.

So here we go again ... I'm trying it again. I do want to be able to write.

Why am I making another try? What could make it different this time?

I stumbled into an online trainer on Udemy. His name is Shani Raja. He was a Wallstreet Journal senior editor. I like his British accent. At the time I found his course, it was $20. That's a bargain. But I waited because I did not want to spend another dollar on Udemy that week.

Not long after that ... less than 8 hours, I came back to Udemy and I found that the price for Shani Raja's courses had become $200 ... Damn! I felt so disappointed. I was feeling regretful for a while ... until I found one of his courses in my LinkedIn Learning subscription (paid by the bank I'm working in). Hooray! Shani Raja's course Writing With Flair: How To Become An Exceptional Writer is there!

Another surprise ... a few days after that I logged into Udemy, and found that many courses including Shani Raja's, were on sale at $10. Without any hesitation, I bought Shani Raja's other course Ninja Writing: The Four Levels Of Writing Mastery.

So the conclusion is ... I got hold of Shani Raja's courses both through LinkedIn Learning and Udemy. Given another chance to get hold of these courses, I have some hope in improving my writing. I'm willing to give it another try.

What topics will I be writing? I plan to write 'things I did online this weekend' ... or last weekend as I will likely finalise and publish my posts on the Friday days after. So Saturday is when I can start a new post.

And perhaps at times, I would also tell you some interesting things I do in the weekend other than online stuff.

So what are this week's topics? Other than 'why I start this blog' as I wrote above, I would also want to tell you some good courses by other trainers that I bought in Udemy last weekend. They were:

  • SEO Training: Get Free Traffic to Your Website With SEO by Daragh Walsh (4.3 stars with 33,000 students)

  • Start and Run a Successful & Profitable Home SEO Business by Christine Maisel (4.4 stars with 17,000 students)

Now, in the subject of SEO, anyone researches through the Internet for SEO, will likely find the guru of SEO, Neil Patel. Two things I want to tell you about his stuff:

  • - it was suggested in Daragh Walsh's course, that we should use Ubersuggest as a good way of finding keywords. It turns out that Ubersuggest is now owned by Neil Patel. It's a very good free tool to find keywords.

  • How much should I write in a post? According to Neil Patel in his article How Long Should Your Blog Articles Be?, the number of words on average varies from industry to industry. Many of them are in the range of 1,500 to 2,500. The important thing is the quality of the content. But I think for me over 500 words is enough. Just try to do it consistently.

One last thing before I end this first post. Who am I? I'm not going to talk about it for now. I will probably tell a few things about me in some of my future posts. Probably I will have some day write some story about me in my 'About' page. For now, just know me as Zakton. That's my internet handle. I have been using it for probably almost two decades. Yes, almost from the start of the Internet fever. You can sort of guess my age, right? :)

My mission now is ... to keep on writing and improve my writing skills. Cheers...


  • Another thing I did last weekend ... I saw '1917' on Sunday. In my opinion, it's the best movie since 'Saving Private Ryan'.

  • Another reason I picked Wix ... it's recommended by websitetooltester

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